A. Quality policy
Power Generation Corporation 2 is responsible for managing and operating electricity production and trading activities of power plants; implementing based on the quality management system ISO 9001: 2015 to ensure compliance with the current internal management regulations of Vietnam Electricity Group, Power Generation Corporation 2 and other Current regulations of law.
With this policy, Power Generation Corporation 2 commits:
  • Safe, continuous and economical power supply.
  • Always care about the environment.
  • Tốt Well manage power investment construction projects
  • Triển Developing and training qualified human resources.
  • Continuously maintaining and improving the quality management system to improve customer satisfaction and business efficiency of the Corporation.

B. Information security policy
With this policy, Power Generation Corporation 2 commits:

  • Information protected from unauthorized access.
  • Information is not accidentally or intentionally disclosed to unauthorized persons.
  • Information to ensure reliability and integrity.
  • Guaranteed information is available for those who are allowed to use it when needed.
  • Information that is appropriate for legal, regulatory and contractual requirements.
  • All areas of information security must be notified to the officer in charge.
  • Trung Focus on investing in technical and technological infrastructure to reduce risks from threats.
  • All employees are trained in safety, information security and are aware of this information policy.
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