General Introduction

       A. Company Establisment

  • EVNGENCO 2 is established based on Decision No.3024/QĐ-BCT dated June 1st, 2012 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade with charter capital of 11,702 billion VND. Power Generation Corporation 2 (EVNGENCO 2) is one of EVN’s subsidiaries and a one member limited liability company. Vietnam Electricity (EVN) is possessing 100% of charter capital of EVNGENCO 2.
  • From January 01, 2013, EVNGENCO 2 has been officially operated on the basis of organization and rearrangement of Cantho Thermal Power Company.
  • EVNGENCO 2 also took control of the owner’s capital of a number of joint-stock power generation companies of Vietnam Electricity, operating under the Vietnamese Law on Enterprise, having the status of having a legal entity, a seal, a symbol, an organization and operation charter, directly carry out production and business activities and investment capital in subsidiaries, affiliates.


    B. Brief information

    Vietnamese name: TỔNG CÔNG TY PHÁT ĐIỆN 2
     Abbreviated name: EVNGENCO 2
     Head-quarter address: 01 Le Hong Phong, Tra Noc Ward, Binh Thuy District, Can Tho City, Vietnam.

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    Phone number: (+84) 0292 246 1507 -  Fax: (+84) 0292 2227 446

Nhà máy Nhiệt điện Ô Môn

C. Members

  •  EVNGENCO 2 is organized and operating as a mother company that consists of 14 subsidiaries located from the North to the South of Vietnam.
  •  EVNGENCO 2 has 08 dependent companies, 01 subsidiaries, 05 affiliated in which EVNGENCO 2 holds more than 50% of charter capital:
  • 08 dependent companies:
    • Can Tho Thermal Power Company 
    • Quang Tri Hydropower Company 
    • An Khe - Kanak Hydropower Company
    • Song Bung Hydropower Company
    • O Mon Thermal Power Center Project Management Board
    • Sông Bung 2 Hydropower Project Management Board
    • Sông Bung 4 Hydropower Project Management Board
    • Hydropower No.7 Project Management Board
  • 01 Subsidiary in which EVNGENCO 2 hold 100% of charter capital:
    • Trung Son Hydropower Limited Company
  • 05 Subsidiaries companies in which EVNGENCO 2 holds more than 50% of charter capital :
    • Hai Phong Thermal Power Joint Stock Company
    • Pha Lai Thermal Power Joint Stock Company
    • Thac Mo Hydropower Joint Stock Company
    • Song Ba Ha Hydropower Joint Stock Company
    • A Vuong Hydropower Company

Cty CP TD Song Ba Ha (1)

D. Vision

Power Generation Corporation 2 aims to become one of the leading units in the energy sector, in investment and development of power in Vietnam and in the area. 

E. Mission

  • EVNGENCO 2 specializes in electricity production and trade, electric power engineering; investment and capital management of power projects; investment and construction proposing, project management consultancy, construction and construction supervision…
  • EVNGENCO 2 strives to ensure the safe, consecutive, affordable generation of electricity and effective investment in order to remain energy security of the national power system.
  • We assure to carry out our mission to supply power to serve the economic and social development of the country. We are making effort to become a leading corporation in producing electricity in Vietnam and in the area and play a primary role in assuring the national power security.


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