Business sector of EVNGENCO2

EVNGENCO 2 manages and runs hydropower; coal and oil fired thermal power plants of which modern equipment is provided with state-of-the-art technology from Japan, France, the United States of America... Total installed capacity of theses power plans is 4,421MW.

Businesses sectors of EVNGENCO 2:

  • Main businesses include producing and trading electricity, electrical mechanic;

  • Investing and managing investment of power projects;

  • Managing operating, repairing, maintaining, overhauling, testing, improving and upgrading electrical, mechanical equipment, controlling equipment, automatization of equipment which belong to electricity production lines, electrical facilities and testing.

In addition, EVNGENCO 2 invests and manages investment of 5 power projects with total design capacity of about 2,000 MW. The total investment cost is more than 40 thousand billion VND which is financed by the local and international financial institutions and the ounterpart fund comes from EVNGENCO 2.

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